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Lapidus News

Words, wellness and writing!

The Power of Re-Writing Your Life

This weekend, a good friend of mine attended the first-ever Stockholm Writers Festival, where Jessica Lourey was a guest speaker. Ms. Lourey, an author and writing facilitator, has a moving story about the role of stories in her life – specifically, how re-writing your most difficult moments can bring a new perspective, closure, and freedom.

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I’m a notebook freak.

I buy them whenever I come across them. Spiral-bound or stapled; hardcover or soft; all sizes, shapes, and colors; extra points if the cover makes me laugh. I prefer them with lines: pale blue tracks that route my train of thought, long corridors where my words run like the bulls in Spain: coursing, angular, driven.

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Interview with Tony Page - Secret Box: Searching for Dad in a Century of Self

Tony Page has used his experience as a chartered psychologist to craft an interesting psycho-history of his family secrets. Secret Box: Searching for Dad in a Century of Self, is published this month by Telling Stories. He spoke to Barbara Bloomfield about dads, families and the craft of memoir.

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We are in Print!

Exciting news! Read all about it!
Lapidus International is moving forward! We are now happy to announce that our Journal is now for sale in print and can be bought through Amazon for £9.99.
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Calling All Poets: Peace and Palindrome

Calling all Poets!


Peace and Palindrome

A poetry writing workshop at

Canada Water library, London SE16

Saturday April 21st 1.30-4.30pm

A small low cost workshop for both new and experienced writers of poetry, facilitated by Alison Clayburn, a poet and fiction writer with thirty years tutoring experience.

This workshop will focus on a topic: peace and then a particular form of poetry: palindrome


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New national alliance for Culture, Health and Wellbeing launches in Birmingham

An alliance of cultural organisations from across England launches a new national body to develop and promote the role of arts and culture in supporting the country’s health and wellbeing (launch 13 March 2018).  

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Beyond Text Workshop 2018

Thursday 22nd March 2018, 09:30 - 16:00

Storyhouse, Hunter Street, Chester CH1 2AR

The Beyond Text team invite practitioners and researchers from all disciplines to attend an exciting open workshop at Storyhouse, which will support participants to conduct high quality arts-based research, assessment and evaluation through practice.

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Introductory Workshop Day on Creative Writing for Therapeutic Purposes

These 1-day workshops give participants the opportunity to explore the personal and professional qualities involved in the practice of Creative Writing for Therapeutic Purposes.

Participants will be invited to engage in creative writing exercises and also to respond to their experience in plenary sessions with peers and tutors.

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Running Writing Groups and Introduction to Therapeutic and Reflective Writing

Below is information about two online courses, run by the Professional Writing Academy, titled Running Writing Groups and Introduction to Therapeutic and Reflective Writing.

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from Scribbles to Publication

Monica Suswin has published two of the books in her series of four mini-books on creative therapeutic writing: A Fox Crossed My Path and Love & Loss (due out this spring). She very kindly wrote this piece for us about her experience writing the books and the process that led to their conception. 

Writing is generous in its wisdom 

(from one of many freewrites)

Fifteen years ago my writing was squeezed into short bursts of time, often on the back of envelopes. Although I’d already gained an MA in Creative Writing at Sussex University (2002), and was part of a vibrant writers’ group of poets and novelists, at home I had a teenage daughter, and elderly parents (living a couple of hours away) who were increasingly needing attention. I was an avid scribbler, but didn’t fully dare to call myself a writer.

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New Opportunity with Lapidus International

Contract: “Researcher & Project Coordinator (Project Year 1)”
Lapidus International is expanding its research arm, and was recently awarded a TS Eliot Foundation Grant to investigate an International Creative Practice for Wellbeing Framework (ICP4WF). The ICP4WF is to support practitioners in developing their practice and expand the reach of promising practices globally.
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Writing for Wellbeing Workshops in Hampshire

A new member to Lapidus International is running workshops in reflective writing for wellbeing in Hampshire. Jo Bisseker Barr, who has been a counsellor for the past 20 years, started a new venture, ‘Write your Mind’ earlier this year, and runs day workshops from her tranquil period home set in peaceful gardens in Lyndhurst in the middle of the New Forest.

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Creative Writing as a Tool for Therapists

This workshop will provide an introduction to the use of creative writing as a tool for therapists. Writing for well-being is about creative writing as a gently explorative and developmental process that can be used specifically for enhancing well-being.

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Writing Away Your Worries: A Poetry Therapy Workshop

“Worry never robs tomorrow of its sorrow, it only saps today of its joy.”
– Leo F. Buscaglia

Worrying is a destructive habit that can drain all your energy and take the fun out of your day. If not kept in check, worrying can lead to stress, anxiety and physical illness.

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Awakening Your Dreams - A Poetry Therapy Workshop

By Charmaine Pollard - 24th March 2018 12pm - 5pm

“The way to stay inspired and motivated is by doing what you like, doing what you love.” – Raphael Saadiq

Shaping our dreams and moulding them into reality can be a challenge, especially when we are not clear about our goals or which direction to take. Consequently we can often discard them to our detriment, and miss out on doing what we love.

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New Workshops from Read Write Express - Meditate 'n' Write Jan-Feb 2018

As an experienced yoga, meditation and sound healing tutor, I have decided to combine elements of these practices together with writing to create a space where you can become grounded, tune in and access your imagination and awareness at a new level.

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Poetry and Writing with Burrswood Health & Wellbeing

Burrswood Health & Wellbeing invites you to a day of creative writing .

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Writing about Climate Change - Writing Course

Writing about Climate Change, Friday 23rd March - Sunday 25th March 2018

On this course, writers will experiment with a variety of different approaches to writing about climate change. Investigate ways of tapping our emotional reactions, of using research, imagining possible scenarios, and generating meaningful stories. How do we expose and write about that often hidden connection between our profligate use of fossil fuels and the loss of habitat, life and lifestyle that many in the world are already experiencing? Whether you are a poet, a fiction writer or prefer factual writing we will discuss the many facets of climate change and the ways in which its impact is felt both by participants on this course and people throughout the world.


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Moving Pieces Taster Workshop

As writers we spend a lot of time in our heads. Thoughts form words that form phrases that we process in the mind and present to the page. Sometimes the stories in our heads represent our experience in the world, but at other times they are born of mental processes than our bodily knowledge. Neither is wrong or right, but the difference is worth acknowledging.

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Writing for Self Discovery monthly workshops, Spring 2018

Writing for Self Discovery monthly workshops, Spring 2018

Small group workshops facilitated by Alison Clayburn (M.A. Creative Writing for Personal Development) at Canada Water Library (next to Canada Water bus/train/tube station) Rotherhithe London SE16.


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