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Lapidus International's aim is to grow communities who believe in using the power of words to enhance and transform. We support our members, many of whom are practitioners working in education, health, community, voluntary, private and public sectors, by sharing information, holding events and creating networks through regional groups.

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Join Lapidus International and enjoy:

  • The Lapidus International Journal - Three issues a year
  • A monthly newsletter of ideas and stories in the field
  • A calendar of events, both local and international
  • Conferences, opportunities and networking
  • A directory of professional members 

A wealth of events, courses, training, workshops and meetings are happening across the UK - from writing with refugees, the elderly and families to new ways of engaging with stories and poems. In healthcare, education and the community we are working with writing and words in ways which inspire, connect and promote communication, physical and emotional health, and enjoyment.

Whether you want to write creatively yourself or use writing in your work with others, Lapidus International links you to the information and networks you need.

Lapidus promotes the use of words for therapeutic purposes and professional development through its work with other organisations and support of its members who are interested in, or working with others to encourage, the use of writing for health and wellbeing.

The Lapidus International Journal provides insights into the writing activities of poets, writers and facilitators working in diverse settings from prisons, to schools, to hospitals, to the community. It also debates the ways in which writing contributes to the wellbeing of individuals, groups and communities.

Find out about more about what's happening on our news hub!