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Event Round Up

There are a lot of events going on at the moment, run both by ourselves and our members. We don't want you to miss out, so please find below a summary of the events happening over the next few months. We'll continue to update it every time someone sends in something new! (All times are in UK time unless otherwise specified)

Are you running an event? Let us know by emailing the details to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.





Next Featured Events



Next Member Events

Let This Poem Be A Hand Upon Your Shoulder – Poetry Therapy Workshop

Date: 22nd March, 26th April, 17th May, 28th June 2024
Time: 11:00am-12:30pm UK time
Where: Online 
Cost: £25 +Eventbrite booking fee per workshop
Description: Let this poem be a hand upon your shoulder, consists of workshops that can help you explore feelings, and build your resilience as you connect with others in these challenging times.

The theme for the workshops was inspired by a poem written by Deborah Cooper.

The workshops will take place online, in a closed group on Zoom.

We will use carefully selected poems as a springboard for writing, reflection and conversations.

The workshops are for anyone who wants additional resources, in these unsettling times. It is for those who enjoy creativity, journalling, writing for personal or professional development.

No prior knowledge of poetry or expressive writing is required; you simply need to be willing to share, reflect and experiment with words in a supportive environment.

Charmaine Pollard is an experienced poetry therapist, counsellor, and life coach with a passion for leading therapeutic writing workshops to promote health and well-being. She is author of Writing for Resilience, a workbook that harnesses the power of writing to help boost creativity and self-expression, whilst strengthening resilience.

Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


Saturday Morning Creative Writing for Wellbeing with Sue

Date: Saturdays 16th March; 20th April; 15th June; 20th July; 21st September; 19th October; 16th November (3rd Saturday of the month; no class in May or August)

Time:  10–11.30 am 

Where: Online via Zoom 

Cost: £10 per session (£5 if money is tight; free for anyone on benefits) payable by bank transfer

Description: We will use images, photos, poems, prose and ordinary things around us as a stimulus for writing.
This is an opportunity for self expression, self exploration, self care, finding your voice, fun, getting creative… whatever! All in the safe space of the group.  No need to commit to coming every month. You can come to just one session, or them all, or something in between. No previous experience necessary and no one has to share anything they have written. There will be an opportunity to share for those that want to. 

With Sue Walters, a Creative Writing for Wellbeing practitioner, writer and researcher. 

Booking details: Please send me an email telling me that you would like to attend and I will send you 
the Zoom link for the session. (Please email me before 9.30am on the day).

Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  



Date : 24th April, 29th May, 26th June 2024

Time:  17:30:19:30pm

Where : Online via Zoom

Cost: £75 

Description: ‘What sort of diary should I like mine to be?  Something loose knit and not slovenly, so elastic it will embrace anything, solemn, slight or beautiful that comes into my mind.  I would like it to resemble some deep old desk, or capacious hold-all, in which one flings a mass of odds and ends without looking them through.’ - Virginia Woolf, A Writer’s Diary: Being Extracts from the Diary of Virginia Woolf

Freeing? Playful? Empowering? Reflective writing in the safety of a private journal is a good way to take a deeper, more imaginative look at life’s experiences. Not sure how to get started, or in need of support to keep a regular practice going?  These monthly workshops will introduce you to a range of creative ideas for your own reflective journal, keeping you engaged and committed in a non-critical space.  Each month’s workshop will offer inspiring themes and tools for reflection and expression – and opportunities to share with the group if you choose to.

Alison will also send each participant a weekly self-guided prompt to keep their practice going between workshop sessions.



Flourish; Writing for well-being, for women facing into change and mid-life transition 

Date:  Every Friday for 5 weeks, starting Friday 7th June-Friday 12th July 2024
Time: 10:00am-12:30pm UK Time
Where: Online via Zoom
Cost: £200 or a limited number of £150 concession places

For women facing change, who want to reclaim, create and live their own story.

For women’s lives, change is so prevalent. Many of these things are common experiences: hormonal change, changes in independence and dependence,, loss, grief, isolation, empty nests, divorce, retirement, loss of income – to name but a few.

How can we navigate our journey using our own gifts and wisdom,  rather than using the familiar demands and expectations of the ‘hero’s journey’, made popular through myth, fairy tale and film?

How might we find and claim new stories of fulfilment and self-expression through challenging times, which might feel more authentic, and help us heal and move on?

How can we use these new stories to create different, more fulfilling, expanded, safer, more sustainable lives, for ourselves and those around us?

In this 5-week programme of 2.5-hour workshops, we will look at our stories through the lenses of the seasons and of the cycles of life. We will share readings and discussions and have plenty of time to write in response to these.

Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


A Love Letter To Self: A Poetry Therapy Workshop

Date:  Saturday 22nd June 2024
Time: 11:00am-1:00pm UK Time
Where: Holland Court, Norwich, NR1
Cost: £30

An act of self-love. Using poetry and writing prompts to fully understand the concept of self-compassion and the ways in which we sometimes judge ourselves unknowingly. Exploring how to overcome the barriers preventing self-compassion and identifying opportunities for change. While learning how to tango with that inner critic and enhance how we feel about ourselves through compassion-based meditations, poetry, writing exercises and discussions.


Reflect, Reset, Reconnect for Writers

Date:  Monday 24th June 2024
Time: 19:00pm-21:00pm UK Time
Where: Online Via Zoom
Cost: £30

Spark ideas and explore new perspectives in this professional development workshop for writers. You’ll get the chance to play with a range of reflective and creative techniques to help support any aspect of your writing life.

Perhaps you’re looking to inject new energy into your work, are feeling stuck with a creative project, or want to explore your writing practice from a fresh perspective. Whatever you choose to focus on, you can explore it in a welcoming and supportive space.

During this two-hour, online workshop we’ll use a range of prompts – including objects, images and your own writing experiences – to encourage reflection, discussion and insights.

Booking details: 

Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Promise

Date:  Saturday 29th June 2024
Time: 10:00-13:00 UK Time
Where: Online via Zoom
Cost: £35 (concessions rate available)

Gentle explorations into the idea of an unspoken promise around the role of mother. What society may anticipate a mother to be. What we may ‘expect’ from mothers – or if you identify as mother – from self. We will engage with the unspoken assumptions and expectations for this role largely via poem and from that which we create on the day.

Returning by popular enquiry.

This session will be facilitated by Liz Annable, CWTP practitioner, person centred counsellor and supervisor.

Booking details: 
Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


Writing For Wellbeing Workshop - Transitions

Date:  Friday 12th July 2024
Time: 11:00-12:30 UK Time
Where: The Conservatory, Scampston Walled Garden, Malton, YO17 8NG
Cost: £15 (please note booking is essential as numbers are limited).

Regular Writing for Wellbeing Workshops for Women are held in the beautiful grounds of Scampston Hall, North Yorkshire. The theme for the next one is Transitions – The layers of our lives. The cost includes teas/coffees and biscuits and all monies will be donated to the Bothies, a volunteer led charity promoting life-long learning, wellbeing and personal development. For For further information please contact or visit the website www.essence of

Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  


Writing Workshop For Writing Intuitively 

Date:  Saturday 13th July 2024
Time: 16:00-18:00 UK Time
Where: 8 Crown Lane, Morden, London SM4 5BL
Cost: £13 + Ticketsource ticket fee

Experience writing as a mindful process with prompts and techniques to get the words flowing with Writing for Wellbeing facilitator Vici Hoban Read.
Writing for Wellbeing is about 'process not product' - writing as a mindful activity rather than focusing on the result. Sessions use a series of prompts and techniques to unlock your unique writing voice and get the words flowing. It can also help bypass your inner critic, become more reflective and know yourself better through writing. The focus for this workshop will be  'writing intuitively' - drawing our innate wisdom to the surface through our words with prompts inspired by the dream-like quality of summer evenings and time spent by water.
No experience is required. You will not be required to share anything you write with others.  

Please bring a notebook and pen / pencil. 

Writing In The Wardrobe With Judi Sissons

Date:  Saturday 13th July 2024
Time: 13:00-15:30 UK Time
Where: Calthorpe Community Garden 258-274 Grays Inn Rd, London WC1X 8LH
Cost: £16.95 + Eventbrite booking fee for non-members and £11.55 + Eventbrite boking fee for Lapidus members

Join Lapidus London and Judi Sissons from The Writing Space for a workshop delving into the world of clothing and fashion. Come and write about clothes, your own and other people's.

Wardrobes are full of memories - of people, places and events. Clothes you love, and clothes you no longer wear but can't let go of. Together, we'll explore clothes, real and imagined. The meanings they hold for us and what they say about us. Step into the magical world of wardrobes and write about threads, duds, rags and feathers!

We will read some short, published writing and spend time writing in response to creative prompts. There will be time for optional sharing of writing and discussion.

Please bring (or wear) an item of clothing you enjoy wearing and would like to write about. Alternatively, you can bring a photo of yourself wearing an outfit you like!


Read Write Express - Writing For Wellbeing & Self-Awareness

Date:  Saturday 13th July 2024
Time: 09:45-12.30 UK Time
Where: Online
Cost: From £22 + Eventbrite booking fee 

Read Write Express offers writing for wellbeing workshops for adults who wish to explore writing as a means of improving wellbeing, gaining confidence and moving forward with life.

The workshops provide a nurturing and supportive space to experience different writing and other fun, releasing and relaxing exercises to help participants stimulate their creativity and encourage self-awareness. Writing experience is not essential, just a willingness to join in and give it a go.

Writing is optionally shared with the group and participants are encouraged to respond from their own experience of hearing it as opposed to offering a critique. This is the difference between writing for self-development and creative writing for literary development. Writing and voicing writing in this way can be therapeutic but these workshops are not group therapy and participants need to be aware of this when choosing what to write or share.

The theme of this workshop is Developing. Through images, reading and discussing written resource/s, writing (word-painting) and sharing, participants can reflect upon their own process of development and what been involved in that as well as contemplating the changes that have been taking place and how these are integrated. For this workshop you will need a notebook and pen.


Writing The Self: Foundation Programme With Katie Watson

Date:  Wednesday 18th, 25th September; 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th October, 6th November
Time: 18:00-20.00 UK Time
Where: Online
Cost: £175 for concessions, £285 full price 

Our stories matter; those that have been told, those that haven’t and those that we might not even have the words for yet.

After a difficult, overwhelming or traumatic experience, we can be left feeling powerless, without voice, language or agency. Research shows that traumatic events can immobilise those regions of the brain which we need to put words to our experiences, and therefore understand them. For those of us with a history of trauma, writing can be a valuable catalyst for healing and recovery. Through writing, we can begin to cultivate linguistic control over the trauma and reorganise our story, in the supportive presence of like-minded peers.

Using a trauma-informed writing methodology, the Writing the Self programme helps participants to reclaim their voice through writing. My eight-step writing process includes key knowledge about trauma, trauma-sensitive writing exercises, as well as tools and resources to help writers find out what they need to create a sustainable and healing writing practice in the longer-term. 


 Booking details: 

Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  
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