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Event Round Up

There are a lot of events going on at the moment, run both by ourselves and our members. We don't want you to miss out, so please find below a summary of the events happening over the next few months. We'll continue to update it every time someone sends in something new! (All times are in UK time unless otherwise specified)

Are you running an event? Let us know by emailing the details to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.





Next Featured Events


CPD Training: Writing For Our Lives

Date: Saturday 18th May

Time: 10:00am-12:00pm GMT+1

Where: Online 

Cost: £25 +Eventbrite booking fee for members, £75 +Eventbrite booking fee for non-members, £10 +Eventbrite booking fee for low income or student members


How do we design a writing prompt? What's its intended outcome? What considerations should we be accounting for? Where does one prompt sit in relation to other prompts? Where do we start? And how do we close a practice or reflective writing session? Explore these questions and more in an interactive and productive discussion, hosted by Lapidus International and presented by Stephanie Dale.

This workshop provides health and wellbeing practitioners and community services professionals with:

∙collective insight into important considerations for effective wellbeing-through-writing practice.

∙foundational cutting edge knowledge and tools for supporting your clients to minimise harm and maximise writing outcomes.

∙practical skills for developing your own wellbeing-through-writing techniques.

This workshop has two parts:

Theoretical: you will be introduced to the latest wellbeing-through-writing research, including the LOCH Transformation Through Embodied Language System and its real-world applications.

Practical: includes a significant interactive component for developing your own wellbeing-through-writing techniques for individual clients and/or groups.


∙increase writing for wellbeing practitioners’ understanding of and confidence in their work, through comprehensive and productive discussion and practice.

∙equip health/wellbeing practitioners and community services professionals with the skills they need to confidently support clients to grow capacity and capability through 'writing things down.'

∙provide health/wellbeing practitioners and community services professionals with wellbeing-through-writing technique development tools for professional practice.

Booking details: 

Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


Next Member Events

Let This Poem Be A Hand Upon Your Shoulder – Poetry Therapy Workshop

Date: 22nd March, 26th April, 17th May, 28th June 2024
Time: 11:00am-12:30pm UK time
Where: Online 
Cost: £25 +Eventbrite booking fee per workshop
Description: Let this poem be a hand upon your shoulder, consists of workshops that can help you explore feelings, and build your resilience as you connect with others in these challenging times.

The theme for the workshops was inspired by a poem written by Deborah Cooper.

The workshops will take place online, in a closed group on Zoom.

We will use carefully selected poems as a springboard for writing, reflection and conversations.

The workshops are for anyone who wants additional resources, in these unsettling times. It is for those who enjoy creativity, journalling, writing for personal or professional development.

No prior knowledge of poetry or expressive writing is required; you simply need to be willing to share, reflect and experiment with words in a supportive environment.

Charmaine Pollard is an experienced poetry therapist, counsellor, and life coach with a passion for leading therapeutic writing workshops to promote health and well-being. She is author of Writing for Resilience, a workbook that harnesses the power of writing to help boost creativity and self-expression, whilst strengthening resilience.

Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


Saturday Morning Creative Writing for Wellbeing with Sue

Date: Saturdays 16th March; 20th April; 15th June; 20th July; 21st September; 19th October; 16th November (3rd Saturday of the month; no class in May or August)

Time:  10–11.30 am 

Where: Online via Zoom 

Cost: £10 per session (£5 if money is tight; free for anyone on benefits) payable by bank transfer

Description: We will use images, photos, poems, prose and ordinary things around us as a stimulus for writing.
This is an opportunity for self expression, self exploration, self care, finding your voice, fun, getting creative… whatever! All in the safe space of the group.  No need to commit to coming every month. You can come to just one session, or them all, or something in between. No previous experience necessary and no one has to share anything they have written. There will be an opportunity to share for those that want to. 

With Sue Walters, a Creative Writing for Wellbeing practitioner, writer and researcher. 

Booking details: Please send me an email telling me that you would like to attend and I will send you 
the Zoom link for the session. (Please email me before 9.30am on the day).

Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Writing The Unknown

Date: Mondays 1,8, 15, 29 April and 6 May

Time:  7-9pm UK time 

Where: Online via Zoom 

Cost: £15-10 per session, or by donation

Description: This is an event for anyone who would like to explore their own inner world more and their relationship with the world around them. We are using writing as a process rather than as a product. Through writing prompts we carefully and lovingly cast out a net into the unknown and then just see what we catch. Usually, we get a glimpse of clarification about the depths of our minds and emotions. The online platform lends itself very well for being together and yet also being by yourself.

We can meditate and write at ease in our own environment and then come together to exchange experiences.


Date : 24th April, 29th May, 26th June 2024

Time:  17:30:19:30pm

Where : Online via Zoom

Cost: £75 

Description: ‘What sort of diary should I like mine to be?  Something loose knit and not slovenly, so elastic it will embrace anything, solemn, slight or beautiful that comes into my mind.  I would like it to resemble some deep old desk, or capacious hold-all, in which one flings a mass of odds and ends without looking them through.’ - Virginia Woolf, A Writer’s Diary: Being Extracts from the Diary of Virginia Woolf

Freeing? Playful? Empowering? Reflective writing in the safety of a private journal is a good way to take a deeper, more imaginative look at life’s experiences. Not sure how to get started, or in need of support to keep a regular practice going?  These monthly workshops will introduce you to a range of creative ideas for your own reflective journal, keeping you engaged and committed in a non-critical space.  Each month’s workshop will offer inspiring themes and tools for reflection and expression – and opportunities to share with the group if you choose to.

Alison will also send each participant a weekly self-guided prompt to keep their practice going between workshop sessions.


Nocturnal Journalling 

Date : Sunday 28th April 

Time:  3:00pm-5:00pm

Where : Online via Zoom

Cost: £30


Use your dreams to understand yourself better. Learn the golden rules of dream journaling, the benefits of documenting your dreams, and take part in some guided writing exercises to help you process and explore your dreams.

Understand more about your dreams, to find creative inspiration while you sleep and how you can use your dreams to inform your writing or other creative projects. No writing experience is needed, just a desire to write and an active curiosity about your dreams.

Information and registration:

An Ode To Kate Bush - A 'Poetry Therapy' Workshop 

Date : 29 April, 6 May, 13 May, 20 May, 27 May 2024  

Time:  7:00pm-8:30pm

Where : Online via Zoom

Cost: £80


Combining lyrics by Kate Bush as inspiration, poetry therapy techniques, music videos & writing prompts related to her songs to understand what we can learn about ourselves. A space to help you discover new insights, deepen your connection with yourself. Themes include: Perspectives: Seeing things differently; Inner child: Embracing and working with our inner child; Cultivating Joy: What brings you happiness; The Masks We Wear: Exploring our shadow self; Alchemy: Transformation of self. We’ll watch her music videos, read her lyrics and you’ll be led through different writing prompts and exercises to help you explore your emotional responses to her works.

Information and registration: 


Introduction To Poetry Therapy Workshop 

Date : 4th May 2024  

Time:  11:00am-1:00pm

Where : Holland Court, Norwich, NR1

Cost: £30


An interactive in-person workshop where we’ll cover some of the benefits of using writing for wellbeing techniques as a self-development tool. A workshop that introduces the core principles of poetry therapy and a chance to try out ‘poetry therapy’. We’ll lightly touch on some theoretical explanations and some discussions. They’ll also be space for some Q&As and a chance to talk about the rationale behind working with poetry.

No writing experience is needed, just a desire to write and an active curiosity about using poetry as a way to support wellbeing.

Information and registration: 


Date: Tuesday 7th to Thursday 9th May 2024

Where: Noddfa Centre, based in the foothills of Snowdonia on the coast of North Wales.

Cost: £475 


UNLOCK will offer time, space and tools for attendees to explore their own creativity more deeply, and discover a little more of the magic that lies within and around them.
We'll use creative and intuitive writing, meditation and gentle movement, solitude and sharing, depth and humour to connect us to our hearts, bodies, souls and innate creative spirit.
£475 includes bespoke facilitation, home-cooked meals, historic accommodation, and the whisper of wind and waves.
Anyone who books UNLOCK before the end of February will also be invited to attend LEAP for free.

Booking details: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


A Seat At The Table - A Morning Exploring Belonging

Date:  Saturday 25th May 2024
Time: 10:00-13:00 UK Time
Where: Online via Zoom
Cost: £35 (concessions rate available)

An invitation to explore the fundamental need as well as the exquisite desires to belong, the urge to be greater than ourselves. My own nomadic experiences through the extended family in childhood and life in different continents as an adult have intrigued me and my own sense of belonging. We will open with a simple body awareness to help us step into embodied experiences of writing. We will use poems, aspects of the natural world as well as recollections of our own family dynamics around the table (or table ‘events’ if this did not form part of upbringing). The writing prompts will hopefully help us to gently explore our experiences of belonging, help us into a reflective process and the chance to create narratives in various forms. There will be small group activities to share the process of writing (or the writing itself if you feel moved to).

This session will be facilitated by Liz Annable, CWTP practitioner, person centred counsellor and supervisor.

Booking details: 
Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Dreams & Poetry Workshop

Date:  Saturday 25th May 2024
Time: 11:00am-1:00pm
Where: Holland Court, Norwich, NR1
Cost: £30 

Roll out the red carpet, and explore the royal road to your unconscious during this writing for wellbeing workshop. A safe and creative space to harness and explore your nocturnal world using poetry, writing exercises and journaling, to help you to discover new insights, deepen your connection with your unconscious mind, and to understand yourself better. Establish a dream journal practise, understand how to write affirmations to support your dream work and guide your dreams.


Memoir Bootcamp 5-Day Intensive Course

Date:  Monday 10th June 2024
Time: 10:30am-4:00pm UK Time
Where: Online via Zoom
Cost: £400

Memoir is no longer the preserve of the rich and famous. We can all write about our life. If you’re keen to write your memoir, join me on this five-day course and learn all you need to get started. I’ll cover memory and truth, how to write about other people, setting, structure and more.

Each day will begin with a two-hour masterclass in an aspect of memoir writing. After lunch, you’ll have time to write with tasks and prompts inspired by the masterclass. There will then be the opportunity to share what you’ve written or how you found the process.

You’ll also be given two one-to-one sessions over the course of the week to discuss your work in progress and receive bespoke feedback on areas that are specific to your memoir.

The group will be limited to eight people to ensure all have a decent amount of time and attention.

Full course outline and recommended reading list will be sent to you once you’ve signed up. If you’d like to have a chat before signing up, please get in touch. I’d love to hear from you.

Booking details: 
Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

A Love Letter To Self: A Poetry Therapy Workshop

Date:  Saturday 22nd June 2024
Time: 11:00am-1:00pm UK Time
Where: Holland Court, Norwich, NR1
Cost: £30

An act of self-love. Using poetry and writing prompts to fully understand the concept of self-compassion and the ways in which we sometimes judge ourselves unknowingly. Exploring how to overcome the barriers preventing self-compassion and identifying opportunities for change. While learning how to tango with that inner critic and enhance how we feel about ourselves through compassion-based meditations, poetry, writing exercises and discussions.


The Promise

Date:  Saturday 29th June 2024
Time: 10:00-13:00 UK Time
Where: Online via Zoom
Cost: £35 (concessions rate available)

Gentle explorations into the idea of an unspoken promise around the role of mother. What society may anticipate a mother to be. What we may ‘expect’ from mothers – or if you identify as mother – from self. We will engage with the unspoken assumptions and expectations for this role largely via poem and from that which we create on the day.

Returning by popular enquiry.

This session will be facilitated by Liz Annable, CWTP practitioner, person centred counsellor and supervisor.

Booking details: 
Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


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