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Lapidus News

Words, wellness and writing!

Looking for Lapidus Love! - Lapidus Groups Message

Today we start our matchmaking column for lonely Lapidusians. Please, please make their day and contact these members who find their part of the UK is a “cold spot.” Perhaps you could meet them for a coffee or even think about starting a new Lapidus group or hold an event? Or just send them a welcome and hello?

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Kindling the Soul - with John Waite and Kate Pawsey

A workshop combining family constellations and creative writing for therapeutic purposes.

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Teach Creative Writing - Level 3 Award in Education and Training




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Job Opportunity: Brief for a Bespoke Corporate Gift

In 2018, The Centre for Work Related Studies at the University of Chester is celebrating 20 years of innovative programmes delivering negotiated work based learning across the globe. Their celebration is focusing on how their unique approach facilitates working, learning and adapting.

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Poetry in Aldeburgh Festival

Anyone who visits Aldeburgh on the weekend of 3rd - 5th November will be delighted with an offering of poetry, music, film and art in the town by the sea.

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Thank you Stephen - London Lapidus


Last Saturday, 30th September, instead of our usual meeting at the Poetry Cafe, London Lapidus met in Tate Britian and had a very interesting, thought provoking  and inspiring afternoon.

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Stories from the Body

For anyone interested in developing their physical storytelling skills to build confidence and enhance emotional mental wellbeing. Workshops starting on 30 October.

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Unravel Your Own Myth - Yoga and Writing

I started working with yoga teacher Ash Bond four years ago. At that time I had recently completed my yoga teacher training and was about to embark on an MA in Creative Writing.

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Lapidus Wales Launch Day

 Join us as we celebrate the launch of the newest regional group to join Lapidus International: Lapidus Wales.
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The Power of the Wild Woman

The following is a storytelling course for women running in Bristol in October:

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International Academy for Poetry Therapy – (iaPOETRY)

“In every community, there is work to be done.
In every nation, there are wounds to heal.
In every heart, there is the power to do it.”

Marianne Williamson


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Only in Australia

I'm pinching myself as I sit in Professor Tony Attwood's glass consulting room, looking out over a tropical garden of palms and guava trees down towards a creek surrounded by lush greenery. As he talks, a two foot long, scaly green and yellow lizard hops onto a rock outside his window, tail thrashing. It's all I can do not to squeak.

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Seasons of Life - Writing for Self Discovery

Writing for Self Discovery workshops Autumn 2017

Small group workshops facilitated by Alison Clayburn (M.A. Creative Writing for Personal Development) at Canada Water Library (next to Canada Water bus/train/tube station) Rotherhithe London SE16.

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How to Protect Yourself from Secondary Trauma

A professional development opportunity for mental health professionals, therapists, performers and artists working in mental healthcare settings to improve workplace wellbeing and practice self care.

Learn how to reduce the risk of secondary trauma caused by the unconscious transmission of traumatic experience via body-to-body resonance between practitioner and client. You will receive a toolkit of body-based strategies to protect your health and wellbeing as part of the workshop. You can then incorporate these strategies into your practice to strengthen the therapeutic support you provide.

Delivered by physical theatre company, Moving Pieces.

Date: 17th September

Time: 10am - 5pm

Venue: The Classrooms, 60 Weston St SE1 3QJ (London Bridge)

Cost: £60


Booking: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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How to Survive and Embrace Working in Schools

A day training session for therapists, counsellors and those providing mental health support for children and young people in schools and educational settings.

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London Lapidus Meeting - 30th September

For our September meeting we have decided to try something new, facilitated by Stephen Bush, a regular at our London Lapidus meetings.

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"Deepening Impact" - Free Conference Tickets for Lapidus Members

From the University of Chester, a conference with free tickets for Lapidus Members: 

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Six degrees – a story of Lapidus and me…


I’ve journaled and made art for over 60 years now, but for many of those years I thought of it as simply a pastime.Susanna Suchak

Then one day I went down a deep, dark, rabbit hole and just by chance the writing and art changed.

The art got abstract and the writing came from the bottom of that deep, dark hole. I had no understanding of the whys or wherefores but the whole process helped me to reflect on the pain, the sadness and the angry resentments and to heal so that I could move on and pull myself up into a place of wellbeing, a place where the sun shone more often. But it never lasted and I came to understand that there was more to this and I needed to know what the more was. I thought school might have some answers so I took another BA which allowed me to enroll in a Master of Arts in Integrated Studies through Athabasca University by distance … and it is quite a distance from Southern Ontario to Central Alberta.

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Report Lapidus 2016



For many of us, this year has been challenging, drawing on our depths of compassion and humour, demanding that we strive harder to keep our balance in choppy waters. Events in the Middle East, particularly Syria, deaths of iconic figures, surprises in the democratic process in the West, news about the effects of global warming have placed us in a position now where we may have to adjust the stand that we wish to take, our values and our priorities.  It is certainly a time of change, when we need to think differently and decide what to keep and what to discard. Events within Lapidus have led us to a position in 2016 when we have reviewed our history, our core ideology and have begun to look towards the future. Some key members of the Board with a long-term relationship with the company have moved away and some fresh faces have stepped up.  We felt it important to forge a strong working relationship between the team, with those who are paid by Lapidus and with our members.  To that end, Barbara made contact with a number of regional groups and visited them.  Lisa continued to steer the activities of the (new) Digital Editor (Christine) and our Membership Secretary (Caleb).

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Review of A Prism for the Sun by Rose Flint

Review of A Prism for the Sun by Rose Flint

Published by Oversteps Books, Devon 2015 by Fiona Hamilton

Rose Flint's fifth collection A Prism for the Sun opens our senses to birds, animals, elements, flora, while attentively contemplating human involvement with other-than-human worlds. She draws us close, almost inside, each moment, offering shifting perspectives on these interconnections, giving spaces for us to consider their prismatic forms.

In 'Marking china-blue' the physical sensation of cold sea on hands begins the poem. The lines achieve a fluidity as the poet attempts to ‘pull’ waves forward and they separate braid-like around her fingers. This interconnects with thoughts of the writer or artist’s efforts to mark or record a colour - aquamarine - or a state. By staying with the motions of the waves, body and water become almost indistinguishable:

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