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After 19 years’ working as an award-winning communications consultant, and for seven of those years, running my own storytelling business, True Story, I recently retrained in mental health. I’m now a clinical hypnotherapist and also training to be a mindfulness teacher and poetry therapist, before I conclude my studies in psychotherapy. I am also a freelance wellbeing writer for various UK publications including In the Moment, Breathe, Female First, The Lady, Eastern Daily Press, among others. I’m also a member of the Guild of Health Writers. My blog Roots and Toots won first place in the wellbeing category at the UK Blog Awards 2019. (Though I no longer write this blog.)  My debut collection of poetry was partly written during postnatal depression, and explores sleep deprivation, dreams, the different stages of sleep, consciousness and the ‘shadow self’. I often use poetry to capture my dream world and ‘shadow work’ experiences.  I’ve been short-listed by The Bridport Prize several times and once by the National Poetry Competition. I was second place in the Poetry Society’s Stanza Competition 2018 and runner-up in the Women's Poetry Competition 2019 by Poetry Book Society & Mslexia. I’m published in Poetry News, Ink Sweat and Tears and Mslexia.

Leah Larwood

Location of Practice:
South East, Norwich

Diploma in Hypnotherapy & Counselling Skills (CERT. HYP CS). MA in Creative Writing. Mindfulness of Dreams & Sleep for Therapists Level 2 (Meets the CPD requirements of British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP). Mindfulness of Dreams & Sleep Practitioner Level 1. CPD in Introduction to Therapeutic and Reflective Writing. Other hypnotherapy training: Ideomotor Response (IMR) and Regression Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy, Parts Therapy (Ego-State Therapy). Mindfulness Teacher Training (MBI-TAC) to be completed July 2021. Mind Charity Training Workshops: Professional Boundaries, Safeguarding, Recording and Reporting, Equality and Diversity, Borderline Personality Disorder. Practical Parenting Skills Counselling. Introduction to Counselling Skills and Theory. Reiki One and Reiki Two Degree. BA in Hons in Public Relations.

Skills & Interests:
I’m a published poet and a clinical hypnotherapist with specialisms in therapeutic dream work and lucid dreaming for wellbeing. I’m very interested in the link between dreams and writing and how the two can inform one another. I enjoy the metaphysical in my own writing and the exploration of dreams and the unconscious informs a large part of my work. Since adolescence I have been a lucid dreamer, and in recent years, this nocturnal pursuit has inspired many of my poems. I’m currently training in mindfulness and poetry therapy and working on my debut collection of poetry. I offer poetry for wellbeing workshops online.

Contact Details:
leah (at) themoonlab (dot) net

Website & Social Media: Twitter @TheMoonLab Instagram @MeetTheMoonLab Facebook MeetTheMoonLab