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I have worked with patients (one to one) and staff and volunteers (in group workshops) at Skanda Vale Hospice since May 2017 on a voluntary basis. Have led ongoing series' of Writing Time workshops independently / privately. Collaborated with Fiona Hamilton on Exploring play through creative writing one-day workshops. Collaborated with John Waite on Kindling the Soul one-day workshops, combining family constellations and words for wellbeing. Am writer in residence at The Bakelite Museum. Ran a series of workshops at the museum - No.1 Royal Crescent -  in partnership with Age UK in Autumn 2017. I lead writing workshops in response to each new exhibition at Oriel Myrrdin Gallery, Carmarthen. Have been a guest facilitator at small festivals and established writing groups. Most recently I was invited by Arts Together to run workshops for a group of older women, some of whom live in sheltered housing in a Trowbridge, Wilts. The aim of Arts Together is to enhance the lives of older people through creativity, I completed an initial five week series of W4W with. At the other end of the spectrum I run writing workshops with 12 – 16 year olds on an ad hoc basis. I have been continuously part of a series of peer supervision groups – The Curious Pirates, The Pea Green Boat and currently The Wordzels (Lapidus SW, rural).  Via on-line correspondence, I mentor other practitioners or individuals who wish for an introduction to W4W. Have been published in my capacity as a W4W facilitator by NAWE and Lapidus journal and various guest blogs. I have presented papers at Creative Bridges 2017, Arts in Health South West in 2014, took part in a panel addressing W4W and mental health in Newcastle 2017. Have poetry published by Unpsychology Magazine. Am working on my third novel. 

Kate Pawsey

Location of Practice:
South West, Wales, Bradford-on-Avon and Carmarthen

MSc in creative writing for therapeutic purposes. A training and placement in Poetry and Dementia with Karen Hayes. Training as an independent Forest School practitioner.

Skills & Interests:
My work is called Writing Time with Kate Pawsey. No double meaning. Writing is spelled writing. I simply provide time and space for people to write in – creatively, reflectively and expressively, and I, Kate Pawsey, am present, holding the structure and the space, while they do so. I work with individuals on a one to one basis. I work with groups. I work virtually via an on line correspondence courses. One of these is tailored for individuals, people wishing to experience W4W with me. The other is designed as structured mentoring for new practitioners of W4W, or for counsellors, psychotherapists or teachers who wish to incorporate W4W into their practice. I love the organic nature of the Writing Time work. I do always prepare a session plan, have a theme in mind, select poems, and writing exercises / prompts that deepen the exploration of the chosen theme. But I am always alert to the arrival of a new, relevant and potent nuance creeping in to proceedings. I often get the precise angle on some wording etc the morning of the event – in the shower or while 'listening' to something my partner is saying over breakfast... Because of my masters research I retain an ongoing interest in the link between play and creative writing. This creeps into all I do, in a more or less subtle way. My interests, other than words, are music, walking, gardening and doing nothing.

Contact Details:, 01225 862030, 07866684265

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