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Lapidus London Group Meet Up
Saturday 26 January 2019, 01:00pm - 03:30pm
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Our first meeting of the year is on January 26th .

We will meet in The Poetry Cafe, as usual, at 1pm , finishing at 3.30 pm. Tony Page will host the session. Please see details below.  This promises to be a very interesting start to our Lapidus London  year, so please do come along.

If you would like a drink during the afternoon, it would be best if you can pick one up on the way or buy one before we start.  There will not be a coffee break as we will have lots of writing and discussion. There will of course be a toilet break 

Members pay £5, non members £10 and first meeting is free.

Tony Page:

Who am I?

I joined Lapidus earlier this year, and like many of us, I carry multiple roles: a father, husband, brother, singer in a choir, aspiring pianist, psychologist, semi-retired executive coach and group facilitator, as well as a writer… And by the way, I believe we can all gain from being  writers.

What might we cover?

During thirty busy years of freelancing, I developed a practice that you could call “Writing with a Capital W”. This began as a tight form of professional self-supervision, in which I reflected on real conversations that had taken place with my clients, intending to improve my practice. Over time, the “Writing" practice became like a special friend I could sound off to, reminding me who I really am and what I really want. This released a happier, funnier or better side of me that too often got buried under stress, and it unlocked creative resources I didn’t know I had. This “Writing” grew far beyond the narrowly professional into an expressive realm you could call emotional and therapeutic.

During the London session, I’d like to offer some brief writing exercises that arose in this former practice, which are informed by positive psychology, human potential, life writing, auto-ethnography. I’m also interested to explore who our writing is for, how writing can sometimes cause us to lose our perspective but also help us to recover it.

I’d invite us to consider: how can we keep on the best side of that line, to nurture ourselves and our relationships with colleagues, friends and loved ones, using writing as a healthy and creative support?