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From the words for wellbeing association

Creative Writing in Healthcare Settings

Core Competencies for Working with the Literary Arts for Personal Development, Health and wellbeing

by Rose Flint, Fiona Hamilton & Claire Williamson ©2004


  • What's Required of the Writer in Healthcare?
  • Practicalities Now
  • What is Required of the Healthcare Provider?
  • Future Vision

This document is a distillation of our thoughts and discussions over the past year. Here we aim to set out the conditions necessary for creative writing sessions to be delivered and received effectively in healthcare settings. We hope that this document will provoke discussion and further contributions from all interested parties to the evolution of this vital and exciting field of work.

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Project evaluation reports – sharing the learning

Project evaluation reports – sharing the learning

Should you have an evaluation report related to a project, please do share for the wider Lapidus International community. Here are some examples from

Report - Brooklea Health Centre Creative Writing and Art Groups for Patients 2010-2011 by Dr J. Wood and Dr L. Younie. See Brooklea Health Centre Creative Writing & Art

A Thematic Analysis of Participants’ Feedback in Writing Sessions in a Primary and a Secondary Care Setting in the NHS by Fiona Hamilton. See A thematic analysis

University of Gloucestershire Evaluation of Art Lift Executive Summary 2011; Art Lift - Economic Impact Study; Art Lift - Case Studies - see ArtLift Evaluations

Out of Our Heads! Four Perspectives on the Curation of an On-line Exhibition of Medically Themed Artwork by UK Medical Undergraduates by Trevor Thompson, Danny van de Klee, Catherine Lamont-Robinson, Will Duffin in Medical Education Online

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