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The Organisation 

What is Lapidus? - Watch this video message from Clare Scott, chair of the board.



Lapidus International promotes the practice of words for wellbeing and the benefits it brings. Lapidus supports its members, many of whom are words for wellbeing practitioners working in education, health, community, voluntary, private and public sectors, by sharing information, holding events and creating networks through its country and regional groups.

Lapidus welcomes anyone with an interest, whether professional or personal, in words for wellbeing. The organisation has members throughout the UK and abroad.

Since 2008, Lapidus has been funded entirely by Membership subscriptions and run on the goodwill and voluntary work of a dedicated team.

Currently, there are two paid freelance roles:Membership, Communication and Events coordinator and Words for Wellbeing Specialist. All other roles are undertaken by the Lapidus Board and other volunteers. The Board meets regularly and there is an AGM each autumn. Country and Regional Co-ordinators provide link points across the UK and hold email lists for their local members. They organise meetings and let members know of events in their area.

Lapidus International is a Company Limited By Guarantee founded in 1996 and registered with Companies House.

Lapidus International Chair: Clare Scott 

Current Board Members: Barbara Bloomfield (Groups), Simon Poole (Research), Frances Ainsle (Lapidus Scotland), Bev Murray (Action), Jeannie Wright (Secretary), Alison Powell (Story)

Treasurer: Elizabeth Ottosson