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Lapidus International Action Learning Sets

Sign up to the Pilot Project

Join an Action Learning Set in our new pilot project for Lapidus members. Developed by Reg Revans originally in the 1950s, Action Learning Sets are now recognised as one of the most powerful, cost effective and convenient ways to learn, develop and improve. This pilot project will allow groups of Lapidus members to come together online and support each other professionally.


What is Action Learning?

Action Learning is a method of group coaching which involves questioning, listening to self and others and taking action on real issues that are inhibiting progress. A group of 6 individuals commits to meeting 5 times, for a half day, online. During this time participants establish a peer group they can trust and develop greater insight into managing situations and people. If they agree together then they can continue after the first five sessions and self-facilitate thereafter.

For more information on Action Learning Sets, click the button below.


Read more about Action Learning Sets

The Action Learning Sets - Resource Pack has been kindly provided by Sue Isherwood (Leading Learning Programme) and Steve Wood (Star CIC).


What is the pilot project?


Lapidus members who sign up will be assigned an Action Learning Set and a facilitator. These groups will be run over five-six months online and will allow attendees to begin self-coaching and, if successful, continue independently after the project has finished.

As this is a pilot project, these first sessions will have limited numbers so we can gauge interest in the Lapidus community. They will also be run on a contribution-based payment method - attendees can contribute what they can to help the sessions keep running and support the facilitators.


Contribute to your ALS Facilitator

This project is now taking place. If you are in one of the groups, and would like to contribute some money to support your facilitator, please press the button below:


Contribute to your ALS Facilitator