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Lapidus News

From the words for wellbeing association

Lapidus Advent Day 9 - Wonderland


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Lapidus Advent Day 8 - Be Brave, Bimble

Be Brave, Brimble

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Lapidus Advent Day 7 - December Mist

December Mist

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Lapidus Advent Day 6 - Drear and Dreich

Drear and Dreich


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Lapidus Advent Day 5 - Last Christmas

Last Christmas


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Lapidus Advent Day 4 - Stuffing



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Lapidus Advent Day 3 - Pantomime

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Lapidus Advent Day 2 - Let Us Prepare for Winter

Let us prepare for winter.

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Lapidus Advent Day 1 - Blissing on the Season's First Snowfall

Blissing on the Season's First Snowfall

by Charlie Rossiter

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Free Range Writing – 75 Forays for the Wild Writer’s Soul (Book Review)

Free Range Writing – 75 Forays for the Wild Writer’s Soul by Jenny Alexander

Book Review by Francesca Baker

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Mindfulness & Haiku








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Your Words for Wellbeing 2017 - Lapidus International Advent Calendar

Hello Lapidians! 

We've nearly reached the end of another year, so we thought it would be nice to do something special.

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We are delighted to announce this event organised by London Lapidus which will make a great pre-Christmas day out, have a delicious vegetarian lunch, a Lapidus workshop, and even a bit of time to do some shopping. The AGM is on the 9th December 2017.

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Writing for wellbeing half-day workshop (English)

Word After Word is excited to be working with Cómpeta Yoga on Writing for Wellbeing, a half-day mini-retreat exploring how expressive writing can contribute to health and wellbeing.

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The Rain is Coming - Lapidus Workshop

We have a special Lapidus workshop on Sunday 19th November which will be jointly run by local writer Rommi Smith and composer Emily Levy.

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Writing for Wellbeing Group In Wilmslow

The sessions will be a mixture of writing and discussion.

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Invitation to the Haygarth Lecture

You are invited to the Haygarth Lecture on November 16th - a free public lecture which has a focus on the arts contribution to public health, and the influence that the arts have on health and wellbeing. 

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Creative Writing in the Therapeutic Encounter

This experiential Continuing Professional Development day focuses on creative writing and its use within therapy and therapeutic settings.

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Looking for Lapidus Love! - Lapidus Groups Message

Today we start our matchmaking column for lonely Lapidusians. Please, please make their day and contact these members who find their part of the UK is a “cold spot.” Perhaps you could meet them for a coffee or even think about starting a new Lapidus group or hold an event? Or just send them a welcome and hello?

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Lapidus Scotland: Change – Loss – Grief — Healing

How to Facilitate Using the Literary Arts alongside Visual Art, Music and Movement

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