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How to market your words for wellbeing events

You’ve got a great idea for a workshop. You have lots of ideas to share. You have an event in the pipeline. Brilliant. But what’s the point if no one is there? To run a successful event you need to get people along – and to do that you need to do some marketing.

Here are our top tips for marketing your words for wellbeing events:

1. It's all in the details...

Make sure you have all the details – name, event/activity/training title, date, time, location, price, description, booking details, contact details – so that people don’t have to come back and ask questions. Keep it easy.

2. Keep it short

Did you know that we see 5000 ads a day, and are often in a rush? No one has time to read lengthy prose. Keep stuff short and to the point.

3. Why are you special?

Why should they choose you? Make it clear what benefit people will get from attending. What will people get from your event and activity? Make sure you think about what feelings and skills people will have at the end of your workshop or event. Why will they be glad they came?

4. Know your audience

Think about where your audience usually hang out. If the people you would like to get to your event tend to read your local magazine, advertise there. If they hang out on Facebook, head there. Meet your audience where they are.

5. Get Active!

Get active on social media. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn find out where your audience are and connect with them. Use friendly language and keep it conversational. Set up a Facebook event, shout about your activity, and tell everyone you know.

6. Get Local

Use your local media. Find out who runs the news and events listings in your local newspaper, and send them the details, asking them to list your event. It’s usually pretty easy to find the right journalist on Google, or most local news sites have a listings submission form.

7. Share the love

Get reviews by tapping into your past attendees and your raving fans and get testimonials to show how worthwhile your event is to attend. Social proof sells.

8. Use images

Photos and images capture people more then text only. Either use some photos, or create your own poster (Canva is fab!).

9. Set up a mailing list

It’s an easy way to keep in touch with people. Have a newsletter sign up form on your website, or ask people to contact you. Make sure you have their consent so that you don’t contravene GDPR rules.

10. Set your sights on a site!

Take advantage of event discovery sites like Eventbrite, Meetup, Facebook Local, List People search for things to do online, and can only find you if you’re out there to be found.


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Friday, 18 September 2020