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Creative Words for Wellbeing Mini-Festival

Join us online on April 3rd and 4th for our Creative Writing for Wellbeing Festival.

We're all cooped up indoors with nowhere to go, so let's get together online, connect, and share our love for words and wellbeing!

We'll be running this event through our Zoom account - it's open for anyone to attend (up to a certain amount, so don't forget to sign up to save your space!)

This event will be 'Pay What You Want'. Want to support Lapidus in what we do and help us run more events like this? Consider donating a small amount through the link below. Don't have the cash to spare? Not a problem. Join in anyway!

We've tried to keep this mini festival as short as possible. Each workshop will be no longer than 30 mins and the total event shouldn't run for more than two and a half hours. There will be an opportunity to share some of your own writing at the end of each session, should you want to.



Sign up for the festival by clicking on the button below. Remember: this is first come, first serve. If we run out of spaces, you will be put on a waiting list and informed when there is space.



If you'd like to share a little bit of money to help support Lapidus and its work, please click on the button below:

 Creative Words for Wellbeing Mini-Festival

Day One -  Friday 3rd April - 3pm to 5:30pm


2:45pm: Introduction and connection time with Richard Axtell

A short session before the festival begins for you to connect, grab a cup of tea and watch coordinator Richard Axtell awkwardly try to set everything up (while also drinking a cup of tea). Send him a message of support in the chat box and make him smile!

3:00pm- 3:30pm: WORRIED? WRITE! 

With Elaine Konopka  

Five questions to change your perspective on something that’s worrying you. We’ll free-write together in real time – five minutes for each question – to cut through our censors and get right to what's essential.

3:30pm to 3:45pm: Break 
Have a little break, get up and stretch your legs while we prepare for the next session!

With Barbara Bloomfield
Telling visual stories for TV, radio or film has been described thus: “Put your hero or heroine up a tree and throw rocks at them.”  We will learn some of the basics of writing script, starting with character and dialogue. Bring an idea that has haunted you for a script, a story or a character. Led by Barbara Bloomfield, a former BBC producer in Southampton and former lecturer in creative writing. Picture is from her graphic novel, Couple Therapy: Dramas of Love and Sex.

4:15pm to 4:30pm: Break

Why not use this time to join the Lapidus Slack channel and chat in real time with other Lapidus members. Network! Talk about writing! Discuss complex geometry or cats! The choice is up to you.
(Note: the slack channel will stay open after the festival so you can keep connecting there)

With A. Hurford
Toni will say a little about her path to poetry and the impact of diversity issues on this - and then consider where writing for wellbeing fits in for her. Within this we'll all write with no pressure or intent to share, of a safe place and of something you think you've learned about diversity and how it helps you and/or others.

5:00pm to 5:30pm: Open Share
Bring a short poem or piece of prose (no more than 500 words) and share it with the rest of the group. Sign up beforehand and Richard will activate your microphone + video (or just mic if you're camera shy) so you can read to the rest of the group. 


Day Two -  Saturday 4th April - 11am to 1pm


10:45am: Introduction and connection time with Richard Axtell

A short session before the festival begins for you to connect and grab a cup of tea. You can also watch coordinator Richard Axtell blink away the sleepy Saturday morning tiredness from his eyes. Send him a message of support in the chat box and make him smile!


With Jeannie Wright
This short workshop will begin and end in writing. It will slow us down. The words we choose may even protect us, as the ancient use of writing on clothes to ward off evil was held to protect the wearer. Bring whatever you like to write on, and with.

11:30am to 11:45am: Break 
Have a little break, get up, and stretch your legs while we prepare for the next session!

With Kiz Bangerh
How can we tap into Hip Hop's therapeutic potential with our co-writers? Use these tools! Hip Hop channels voice. We don't always want to hear what those voices have to say. From Feminist musings to Afrofuturism to Mumble Rap, the genre expresses diversity, as rich as the human population.

12:15pm to 12:30pm: Break 
Have a little break, do a little dance, tell a funny joke while we prepare for the next session!

12:30pm to 1:00pm: SCRIPTWRITING FOR BEGINNERS (Part 2)
With Barbara Bloomfield
Barbara is back with the second part of her session - this will look at writing that she has got previous participants to do the evening before. 


Lapidus London Meetup - March 28th 2020 (CANCELLED...

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