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Finding Courage Writing Festival

Join us on the 22nd August for our Finding Courage Writing Festival.

As before we'll be running this event through our Zoom -  it's open for anyone to attend (up to a certain amount, so don't forget to sign up to save your space!)

This event will be 'Pay What You Want'. Want to support Lapidus in what we do and help us run more events like this? Consider donating a small amount through the link below. Don't have the cash to spare? Not a problem. Join in anyway!



Sign up for the festival by clicking on the button below. Remember: this is first come, first serve. If we run out of spaces, you will be put on a waiting list and informed when there is space.



If you'd like to share a little bit of money to help support Lapidus and its work, please click on the button below (please note: donating doesn't count as signing up for the event! Please also sign up!):


Finding Courage Writing Festival

Saturday 22 August - 10:30am to 1:30pm


10:30am: Welcome by Lapidus Director

Welcome to the event, get settled in, grab a cup of tea.

10:45am: Finding Courage workshop - by Stephanie Dale

Stephanie DaleCourage - it eludes the best of us at the best of times. This gentle, robust workshop is for people who long for something, yet for any number of reasons cannot, will not, or should not step forward into that passion. This workshop has two parts: Seeking Clarity: The Longing is the Path and Resolution: Dare to be Powerful. If you have the longing, you have what you need to fulfil your vision. Step one, name it. After that, join us and find out how to use writing to uncover the words you need to give shape to the life that is waiting for you.
Stephanie Dale is an award-winning Australian journalist and author. In 2014 she founded The Write Road, a therapeutic writing initiative for people in rural and remote areas of Australia. In 2017 she launched Walk & Write, combining her passions for writing and pilgrimage. She is currently undertaking PhD research into writing for wellbeing at QUT in Brisbane.

12pm:  Break

A twenty minute break - go grab a bite to eat! Stretch your legs! Stick your head out of a window!

1pm: Reflect and Connect

Find out more about the Covid-Research project with Prof. Tony Wall and Lapidus Chair, Barbara Bloomfield.

1:30pm: End of Event 

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Monday, 10 August 2020