Creative Bridges International: Work & Research
with Words for Wellbeing


13 & 14 July 2019 | 10.00am-5.30pm | 
Engineer’s House | The Promenade | Clifton Down | Bristol BS8 3NB


Creative Bridges International brings together the varied experiences of researchers, practitioners and participants to explore and expand the diversity of Creative Writing for Therapeutic Purposes (CWTP) and words for wellbeing. Drawing from a range of disciplines (literature, counselling & psychotherapy, neuropsychology, medicine, emotional geography, socio-spiritual approaches and more),  Creative Bridges will showcase relevant research and practice, assess the current picture of the international field and find inspiring and robust ways to bring CWTP research and practice to our diverse communities across the globe.

We are looking for presentations/workshops of 80-90 minutes, from: Words for Wellbeing/CWTP Practitioners, Counsellors and Psychotherapists, Creative Writers, Storytellers, Spoken-word Artists, Psychologists, Medical Doctors and Nurses, Medical Humanities, Emotional Geography, Social Science Researchers, Teachers/Lecturers, Occupational Therapists.

There are four strands:

Diversity and Communities: Addressing how to reflect our societies in the provision, accessibility and delivery of CWTP. How can we expand the diversity of the field? What can we learn from other cultures and countries? How can we address current issues facing health systems?

Expressive Experience and Embodied Practice: Exploring mindfulness, contemplative and bodily-based practice and crossovers with other expressive arts. How do we manage the fine line between therapeutic and therapy? How can words for wellbeing be used in conjunction with other expressive arts?

Research and Sustainability: Inviting relevant and recent examples of research into CWTP. How do we develop and employ congruent research methods? How can we move CWTP research forward? How can we keep our practice research-informed? How can CWTP work financially for individuals and the economy?

Why (not) Writing?: Interrogating the concept of ‘writing’ and ‘writers’ within the field of CWTP. Why do writers/ narrators choose words as their medium of expression and what are the benefits? What are the challenges and barriers of working with words?

Practical Notes: