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Interview with Tony Page - Secret Box: Searching for Dad in a Century of Self

Tony Page has used his experience as a chartered psychologist to craft an interesting psycho-history of his family secrets. Secret Box: Searching for Dad in a Century of Self, is published this month by Telling Stories. He spoke to Barbara Bloomfield about dads, families and the craft of memoir.

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Groups Report - Lapidus International AGM 2017

The following report was submitted by Barbara Bloomfield, Director of Groups for the Lapidus International AGM 2017:

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Looking for Lapidus Love! - Lapidus Groups Message

Today we start our matchmaking column for lonely Lapidusians. Please, please make their day and contact these members who find their part of the UK is a “cold spot.” Perhaps you could meet them for a coffee or even think about starting a new Lapidus group or hold an event? Or just send them a welcome and hello?

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Only in Australia

I'm pinching myself as I sit in Professor Tony Attwood's glass consulting room, looking out over a tropical garden of palms and guava trees down towards a creek surrounded by lush greenery. As he talks, a two foot long, scaly green and yellow lizard hops onto a rock outside his window, tail thrashing. It's all I can do not to squeak.

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