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Experiencing the Expressive Arts

Our next WordsWell18 event, Experiencing the Expressive Arts, is on Saturday September 8th 2018 at Chapter Arts Centre in Cardiff!

Come and experience a selection of creative workshops which explore different ways of using expressive arts for therapeutic purposes. There will also be an opportunity to take part in a research consultation and have your voice heard in TS Eliot foundation funded research that Lapidus International is currently undertaking with Chester University.

Buy your tickets here before September 4th:

£40 – Lapidus Members -  

£65 – Non-Lapidus Members -  Buy Now

£0 – Consultation only  - If you would like to only attend this event for the afternoon consultation, please request a consultation-only ticket by emailing Richard at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Find the timetable and description of the workshops below:


9:45: Arrival and Registration

10:00 - 10:15: Introduction and Welcome

10:15 - 11:15: "'Say what you see' - finding words in the age of the image" - a workshop with Claire Williamson

11:15- 11:30: Comfort Break

11:30-12:30: "Observations of an Art Therapist: When words are a different story" - a workshop with Emma Wheeler

12:30 - 1:30: Lunch

1:30-2:00: A talk by Fiona Latus, Fine Artist

2:00-4:00: "Physical Storytelling and Creative Performance Workshop" - a workshop with Moving Pieces

4:00-4:30: Farewell and Networking


‘Say what you see’ – finding words in the age of the image                                                               

"the curvature of the surface is an artefact of the wide-angle view..."

Writing Hand

If the 21st century is the age of the image, are we losing our capacity for words and emotional vocabulary with its potential to integrate life’s experiences? Or can the pictorial be both the bridge to verbal and written expression, and the artefact that embodies insights found in telling our stories?

In this experiential session, we’ll use images to ‘say what you see’ and we’ll consider the role of imagery in writing and expression from a range of workshops and project examples.

Claire Williamson is Programme Leader for Metanoia Institute’s MSc in Creative Writing for Therapeutic Purposes and author of four poetry collections, the latest is Visiting the Minotaur (Seren, 2018). Claire has been working with others to find words for over twenty years in a wide range of community and healthcare settings.

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Physical Storytelling and Creative Performance Workshop

Ever wanted to create performance from personal story ?

This introductory workshop offered by Moving Pieces Physical Theatre Company - facilitators Charlie Blowers (Artistic Director) and Jose Parra (Assistant Director) is an opportunity to discover stories that spontaneously emerge through connecting to the body and movement.


Participants will be guided through simple theatre, circus and body based warm ups leading to a piece of improvised writing which forms the basis of a story. There will be an opportunity to step into these stories and bring them to life through different levels of enactment and ensemble work.


The body based skills within the workshop are also designed to support wellbeing and reduce the health risks of stress.

No theatre experience required.

Charlie Blowers is Founder and Director of Moving Pieces. She has a background in physical theatre and arts/somatic psychotherapy and is currently also training in the Feldenkrais method. She works as a freelance facilitator, trainer and consultant to a range of organisations within the performing arts and mental health. Charlie is currently collaborating with the Creative Arts Therapies Research department at Roehampton University on a PhD proposal to investigate the efficacy of the Moving Pieces approach for people living with medically unexplained symptoms.

Jose Parra is Co-director of Moving Pieces. He has a background in mime and physical theatre and is a freelance performer interested in mental health. Jose also works as a Giggle Doctor and Artistic Coordinator (UK) for the Theodora Children's Charity bringing smiles to children in hospitals.



Observations of an Art therapist: When words are a different story

Recent research work presents observations of one woman's case study, exploring her challenges with dyslexia.  Learning differences illuminate the transformative power of storytelling, in visual form.  An exhibition opens a creative collaboration, of which delegates are invited to participate.

Emma Wheeler is an Art Psychotherapist based in South-East Wales.  She offers therapy in community settings and outdoors; working with young people through to older adults, in groups and individually.  She is also a Social Science Lecturer, having worked in varied educational and voluntary sector settings for 25 years.  Art therapy enables people, often experiencing distress, to use visual methods of working with their story, which can bring change and find new frames.



In the afternoon of this event there will be an option to take part in the following research consultation (this will replace one of the workshops mentioned above):

Consultation Workshop: Generating a Creative Practice for Wellbeing Framework

This practical workshop, supported by the TS Eliot Foundation, is a creative and appreciative inquiry which will help generate the first international practice framework and practice guides for practitioners involved in the broad sphere of words for wellbeing practice. The workshop will explore and develop a practice framework to help generate a practical resource for effective, safe and ethical practices across different settings.

The workshop is open to words for wellbeing practitioners and other stakeholders. Join us to:

·Shape and influence the future of words for wellbeing practices
·Expand your awareness of effective, safe and ethical practices from across fields
·Learn about emerging expectations and standards across fields and settings
·Learn and feel part of a longer term consultation processes


Buy your tickets here:

£40 – Lapidus Members -  

£65 – Non-Lapidus Members -  Buy Now

£0 – Consultation only  - If you would like to only attend this event for the afternoon consultation, please request a consultation-only ticket by emailing Richard at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.