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We are delighted to invite you join us at our online international consultation for research funded by the TS Eliot Foundation!

Our aspiration is to co-create a new creative practice framework with a diverse group of professionals including words for wellbeing practitioners, health professionals, psychologists, teachers, counsellors, social workers, and educators across all levels.
We believe as the words for wellbeing world is growing, more and more people need support in delivering effective and safe practices.

The framework will help us generate a practical resource for effective, safe and ethical practices across different settings. Therefore, the consultation is an opportunity to:

Shape and influence the future of words for wellbeing practices
Expand your awareness of effective, safe and ethical practices from across fields
Learn about emerging expectations and standards across fields and settings
Learn and feel part of a longer term consultation processes

How it will work:

- You will opt-in to join us at one of the online consultation dates stated below.

- We will email you a single document with 20 statements (synthesised from reviewing 100 relevant international standards).

- We will then invite you to make comments on each statement and email them back to us before we connect virtually.

- We will then hold a 1 hour virtual call to collectively discuss and develop the framework.


May 30th 2019 at 9am (GMT+1)
June 5th 2019 at 5:30pm (GMT+1)

Please fill in this form below if you are interested in taking part!

Best wishes,

Professor Tony Wall and Richard Axtell

Consultation Lead & Project Researcher for the

Creative Practice for Wellbeing Framework

Supported by the TS Eliot Foundation