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"Deepening Impact" - Free Conference Tickets for Lapidus Members

From the University of Chester, a conference with free tickets for Lapidus Members: 

The Faculty of Business and Management is delighted to announce the next Faculty Research Conference on Monday 11th September 2017, with the theme of “Deepening Impact”. Highlights include:

  • International keynotes speakers including Professors Carole Parkes, Ralph Tench, and Jonathan Garnett
  • A range of high-impact and interactive roundtable presentations discussions from our faculty
  • Our widest range of sponsored awardssupported by the Global Centre for Work Applied Learning in Australia, the Chartered Institute for Personnel & Development, Lapidus International, and the Faculty!

Ticket sales will close on 4th September midday and are free to Lapidus Members. Find out more information about what is going on at the conference and how to buy tickets here:

Presenters at the conference include Lisa Rossetti, one of our own Lapidus Directors, who will delivering the following presentation:

Indra’s Net: Nurturing the Spirit of Ubuntu at Work

TheNurturing the Spirit of Ubuntu at Work project is a recent innovative research study carried out to collectively establish and explore a research development space for people with complex professional demands – and was intentionally designed to promote resilience and well-being.

It was informed by the philosophy of ubuntu, an African idea of personhood, which in practice prioritises welfare and collective gain (e.g. ‘I am because we are’). The study conceptualised ubuntu as a form of ‘connected and collective’ way of working which develops a connected and collective group spirit to promote individual and group resources for resilience and well-being. Creative interventions, designed as stimuli and provocations, were underpinned and mapped to the Six Ways of Wellbeing framework. 

Emergent themes were connectedness and interconnectedness, the tensions between Individual and “Tribe”, social consensus, belonging and separation, protection of Self, the Collective, and the Environment. Storylines as an underlying dynamic and tool for connectedness and sensemaking within the group were also a strong theme. Impacts were evaluated through responses to a culminating collective exhibition of creative expressions.

This paper presents the findings about how ubuntu practices can both support and challenge individual resilience, and inform development of healthier work practices. Overall, the project created multiple, deep, and significant ripples effects across professional spaces in practice – or what can be metaphorically represented as ‘Indra’s Net’.




London Lapidus Meeting - 30th September
Six degrees – a story of Lapidus and me…

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